Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • v0.1.161 protected
    8750a4e8 · Bump version to 0.1.161 ·
    Bump version to 0.1.161
    - On the top-up page, inform the user of currently active/processing payments
    - Show receipt subtotal below product list rather than below other cost entries, this should clarify that the subtotal is for products only.
    - In kiosk mode, reset search fields on purchase or cancel
    - In kiosk mode, prevent annoying browser auto complete menus in search fields
    - In kiosk mode, show red cancel overlay in more situations
    - Cancel bunq payment requests immediately to prevent double payments
    - Fix some typos
    - Update dependencies
  • v0.1.160 protected
    a353a4c4 · Bump version to 0.1.160 ·
    Bump version to 0.1.160
    - In kiosk mode, make the swap column buttons more apparent and improve the used terminology
    - In kiosk mode, remove obsolete success message after buying a product
    - In kiosk mode, also revert columns to their default state on timeout
  • v0.1.159 protected
    86a44b56 · Bump version to 0.1.159 ·
    Bump version to 0.1.159
    - Show prices of exhausted products in grey label rather than blue
    - In kiosk mode, add a button to users having items in cart to inspect its current contents
    - In kiosk mode, choose better icons for the 'more' button in the product and user columns to better represent their function
    - In kiosk mode, restyle swap columns hint as button rather than a hyperlink
    - Improve email security banner showing contact information in case of an emergency, removed obsolete text
    - Fix error when viewing bar member, when user has manually left encapsulating community
    - Update dependencies
  • v0.1.158 protected
    627dfd05 · Bump version to 0.1.158 ·
    Bump version to 0.1.158
    - When an email address is removed, send a message to it as security notification
    - Generate single magic link auth code, when authenticating through another session, don't change it every page reload as this was very annoying
    - Improve description on HTTP 429 page, hint user on why this error may be shown
    - Fix alignment of swap icons in kiosk view
    - Fix incorrect text in password disabled mail
  • v0.1.157 protected
    d0f8ab43 · Bump version to 0.1.157 ·
    Bump version to 0.1.157
    - Add currency presets to economy screen, including EUR, USD, GBP
    - On inventory move screen, show quantities of source inventory and list the source name on top of the page, rather than showing quantities of a random inventory
    - Fix error when entering 0 as value in inventory fields
    - Fix some mobile device keyboards not showing math characters in inventory input fields
    - Fix typo in 'orphan wallet'
  • v0.1.156 protected
    a9f5dfa0 · Bump version to 0.1.156 ·
    Bump version to 0.1.156
    - Add support for using math expression on inventory pages
    - Fix top-up error when user enters custom amount with a comma rather than a dot
    - Fix incorrect sorting in advanced buy widget
    - Simplify verification email subject, it was too long
  • v0.1.155 protected
    44ff9cc0 · Bump version to 0.1.155 ·
    Bump version to 0.1.155
    - Greatly improve reliability of product exhaustion check logic, this now takes the product creation date, quantities of alternative inventory products and the type of recent manual inventory changes into account as well
    - On the inventory screen, put the recent changes list in collapsible to prevent confusing it for a list of current item quantities
    - Add product sub-total in receipt mail if non-products items are shown
    - Define sorting in kiosk and advanced buy widget, prioritize registered members
    - Mark unregistered users in gray with tag icon in advanced buy widget
    - Show name of trashed products in purchase log, wallet stats and receipt mail, where it showed 'Deleted product' before
    - Improve icon alignment in advanced buy widget, which caused layout resizing
    - Improve finance report message box visuals
    - Improve finance report terminology, rename outstanding to non-member
    - Improve installation instructions, use Windows compatible commands
    - Fix incorrect ordering and overlapping of some kiosk elements
    - Fix incorrect admin creation instruction in README
    - Fix broken back button on finance report page
    - Fix finance report error with empty economy
    - Fix some spelling mistakes
  • v0.1.154 protected
    b15c0711 · Bump version to 0.1.154 ·
    Bump version to 0.1.154
    - Hotfix for finance report error when there are no balance imports
    - Rename financial report outstanding imports to unsettled imports
  • v0.1.153 protected
    2e63e9cd · Bump version to 0.1.153 ·
    Bump version to 0.1.153
    - Fully reimplement financial report feature, this now shows a more complete and cleaned interface classified in tabs, including: overview, members, orphaned wallets, unsettled balance imports
    - Integrate unsettled amounts from balance import into financial report, these amounts are significant but not visible before
    - Mark unregistered users in grey with a tag icon in kiosk mode, in an attempt to make it less likely to click on when a user is listed multiple times
    - Add financial report button in bar manage screen
    - Improve item sorting in various places, such as kiosk mode. Alphabetical
      sorting showed unexpected results when different capitalisation is used.
    - Improve some terminology used in kiosk mode
    - Improve styling of inline icons in kiosk mode
    - Various pirate speak improvements
  • v0.1.152 protected
    7b99c8ef · Bump version to 0.1.152 ·
    Bump version to 0.1.152
    - Fix email delivery errors, sending over SMTP hosts didn't work
    - Fix payment processing errors, use correct dependencies along with bunq SDK
    - Fix inventory balance error
    - Update dependencies
  • v0.1.151 protected
    6c50f38e · Bump version to 0.1.151 ·
    Bump version to 0.1.151
    - Fix missing language resources in deployment
  • v0.1.150 protected
    250119a4 · Bump version to 0.1.150 ·
    Bump version to 0.1.150
    - Automatically verify email addresses when using it with a magic login link, this removes the extra manual verification step and should improve the verified email ratio
    - When undoing an inventory change, ask to undo the related change as well, to fully undo a product move between two inventories
    - Remove message sent to users after they verified their email address, it was more annoying than useful
    - Update to Laravel 9, should improve overall performance
    - Add icons to kiosk green/red success/abort screens
    - Fix white border above dark modal backgrounds in kiosk mode
    - Move kiosk success message to bottom, hide when showing cart buttons
    - In balance update emails, show if the balance did not change since the previous update
    - In balance emails, use better colors and styles for wallet buttons
    - Reorder community/bar stats items
    - Update dependencies
  • v0.1.149 protected
    9aa6963d · Bump version to 0.1.149 ·
    Bump version to 0.1.149
    - Enlarge wallet and top-up buttons
    - Mark exhausted products in personal buy screen widget
    - In kiosk mode, mark exhausted products with trash icon
    - On inventory rebalance page, mark products having negative quantity, to recommend updating their quantities
    - Mark advanced buy product selection with +1 rather than 1×, to make its behaviour consistent with kiosk mode
    - Fix missing raw license file in production build
    - Update placeholder fields in license
    - Update laravel-mix manifest
  • v0.1.148 protected
    0822acf7 · Bump version to 0.1.148 ·
    Bump version to 0.1.148
    - Add kiosk inactivity dialog, asking user to continue with or reset cart if products were selected, rather than just resetting it
    - Improve terminology used for kiosk deselect/clear/reset buttons
    - Fix kiosk heartbeat not being triggered in various edge cases, making idle handling more reliable
    - Improve kiosk column swap button visuals, style it as dedicated toolbar button
    - Fix incorrect workbox cache configuration, which resulted in clients caching a lot of unused resources
    - Bump laravel-mix, webpack, vue, improving client widget compatibility
    - Bump workbox-webpack-plugin, improving client service worker compatibility and performance
    - Bump flag-icon-css to flag-icons, improving language flag visuals
    - Update browser database, improving client compatibility
    - Resolve SASS compiler warnings
    - Update dependencies
  • v0.1.147 protected
    2e85944a · Bump version to 0.1.147 ·
    Bump version to 0.1.147
    - Add search field to community/bar member list
    - Add interlinks to community/bar member detail pages for easier navigation
    - Add list of all user wallets on community member details page
    - Add list of user email addresses for admins on community/bar member details page
    - Fix some pirate speak language item mistakes
    - Remove unused language items
    - Update bunq SDK
    - Update dependencies
  • v0.1.146 protected
    cb9c2ec0 · Bump version to 0.1.146 ·
    Bump version to 0.1.146
    - Add kiosk button to swap columns, enables a different buy mode to quickly purchase the same product for many users
    - Various kiosk additions and improvements, such as a button to remove products in-cart for a single user
    - Add button to undo a single inventory change
    - Add recent changes list and index link to inventory page
    - Add page for all changes in inventory
    - Disable kiosk quantity modal animations for better performance on old devices
    - Fix incorrect capitalisation on top-up redemption page
  • v0.1.145 protected
    403e88ab · Bump version to 0.1.145 ·
    Bump version to 0.1.145
    - Fix error one some transaction detail pages, when initiated by another user
    - Fix transaction details trying to show non-existent initiating user property
  • v0.1.144 protected
    924af8ed · Bump version to 0.1.144 ·
    Bump version to 0.1.144
    - Fix kiosk error when economy has no transactions yet
  • v0.1.143 protected
    12c428ea · Bump version to 0.1.143 ·
    Bump version to 0.1.143
    - Add wallet top-up page tailored to redemption, letting users top-up to zero
    - List top-up redemption page on useful bar links page
  • v0.1.142 protected
    77e11943 · Bump version to 0.1.142 ·
    Bump version to 0.1.142
    - Hotfix for error when sending balance update mail having deleted products on receipt