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General Usage Instructions

From the left checkbox menu, select the type of items you wish to be displayed in the "Open Documents" list. This will display any corresponding files that are currently open within Inventor.

Select an item from the "Open Documents" list to load the related files in the "Referenced Documents" list. The reference list can be colour-coded to represent various document attributes. These, along with many other options are available from the Settings menu.

Wiki1Once the documents have been selected, perform any modifications to these documents from the list of checkboxes on the right-hand side. The "Part Action" boxes relate to models or assemblies, and the "Drawing Action" boxes relate only to the drawings. The "iProperties" box opens a list of the iProperties for both the drawings and models.

If the experimental features is enabled, these actions are performed on the items selected in the "Open Documents" list.

A playlist of tutorials is available through the help menu or by going to the Batch Program Tutorials Playlist


This program can be uninstalled through the Add-Remove Programs option found within the Control Panel.

Updates can be chosen based on stable or beta in the Settings menu. You will be notified of any updates that are available and will have the option to download them at your convenience.

In order for updates to install, Inventor must be closed to release it's references to the Batch Program. Make sure you save your work before upgrading

Known Issues

Any sheet-metal part that is exported with text/embossing features will have the text reversed in the DXF/DWG output. This is a known issue with automated outputs in Inventor.

After updating, if Inventor fails to load, it may need to be removed via Task Manager before it can run