1. 18 Oct, 2018 1 commit
  2. 17 Oct, 2018 2 commits
  3. 16 Oct, 2018 1 commit
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      Add topic tags to search · 30d1e1b5
      Deimos authored
      Previously, search only covered topic titles and markdown. This adds
      tags to it as well, and will make it easier to add other things in the
      future since there's now a custom function instead of using the built-in
      one that only supports text columns.
  4. 15 Oct, 2018 2 commits
  5. 10 Oct, 2018 5 commits
  6. 08 Oct, 2018 3 commits
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      Update pypi package versions (requirements.txt) · e9c04713
      Deimos authored
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      Pin publicsuffix2 version · ea2ed4d6
      Deimos authored
      Something strange is going on with this package - after no updates for 2
      years it's suddenly had two new versions released without having its
      changelog updated, and the new versions don't seem to work properly. You
      can no longer import it as "publicsuffix" like you used to be able to,
      and it appears that the newest version (2.20180921.2) no longer even
      downloads the publicsuffix file, it just uses the one included in the
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      Temporarily pin Bleach version to <3.0 · 4bdb774a
      Deimos authored
      Bleach is in the middle of being updated to a significant new version
      that seems to have quite a few changes (and will probably be a good
      update overall that will fix some issues on Tildes), however right now
      there are a few things still off with it and it's not safe for me to
      update to it yet.
  7. 07 Oct, 2018 3 commits
  8. 06 Oct, 2018 1 commit
  9. 05 Oct, 2018 4 commits
  10. 04 Oct, 2018 4 commits
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      Add collapsed classes to deleted comments · fd6a8fba
      Deimos authored
      Deleted comments weren't collapsing properly, since this wasn't
      attaching the classes even if the comments were collapsed by one of the
      CommentTree processes.
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      Fix bug in uncollapsing behavior for new comments · 196dc680
      Deimos authored
      Uncollapsing the new comments' parents wasn't working correctly if there
      were several new replies in a chain. Because it's working from the
      "leaf" comments back up towards the root, doing a continue when a
      comment's state had already been set would cause uncollapsing parents to
      fail - the deepest comment would uncollapse its parent, then its parent
      would get skipped. If the parent was also new, this would mean that
      *its* parent didn't get uncollapsed, even though it should have been.
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      Set PostgreSQL timezone to UTC · 8dc93a24
      Deimos authored
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      Work around bad timezone handling in ago library · f3ebfff8
      Deimos authored
      The ago library doesn't handle datetimes correctly if they have any
      timezone except the system's localtime. This can be worked around by
      calculating a timedelta and passing that instead of a datetime. This
      commit updates the descriptive_timedelta() function to do that.
      I've also registered an issue on the library, but I don't know if it's
      maintained any more:
  11. 02 Oct, 2018 2 commits
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      Add PaginatedListingSchema for basic listings · afbaab98
      Deimos authored
      Previously, TopicListingSchema was being used for things that weren't
      listings of topics. So this creates a more generic
      PaginatedListingSchema and makes TopicListingSchema a subclass of it
      that adds the additional fields it needs.
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      Paginate previously-read notifications page · cd788d30
      Deimos authored
      This has said that pagination is "coming soon" for quite a while. This
      is a bit messy in a few ways, but should do the job for now.
      PaginatedQuery/PaginatedResults might be good to refactor a little in
      the future to make this kind of thing simpler.
  12. 01 Oct, 2018 5 commits
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      Add JPEG support to site icon downloader · 9056a710
      Deimos authored
      I didn't know if this would ever be used, and then a topic was posted
      almost immediately that needed it.
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      Add cronjob to update site icon spritesheet · 87d7db41
      Deimos authored
      Automatically runs the generate-site-icons script every 5 minutes. The
      script was also updated to use checksum-based rsync instead of cp, so
      that the file won't be replaced (and need to be redownloaded by users)
      unless it actually changes.
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      Improve exception-handling in site icon downloader · 9ae126ce
      Deimos authored
      Handles some more errors that came up in practice when I applied this to
      the production data.
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      Add a consumer to automatically download favicons · 2a19aa20
      Deimos authored
      This adds a trigger to the scraper_results table which will add rabbitmq
      messages whenever a scrape finishes, as well as a consumer that picks up
      these messages, and uses Embedly data to download (and resize if
      necessary) the favicons from any sites that are scraped. These are
      downloaded into the input folder for the site-icons-spriter, so it
      should be able to use these to generate spritesheets.
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      Add timeout to Embedly scraper · 32bcbf1f
      Deimos authored
  13. 29 Sep, 2018 1 commit
  14. 28 Sep, 2018 2 commits
  15. 27 Sep, 2018 2 commits
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      Prod server: force ipv4 in apt · 0bd4bb72
      Deimos authored
      Without this, apt seems to try to use ipv6 to connect to some of the
      repos, and it often hangs or fails.
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      Create module to import DatabaseModel subclasses · 734220bd
      Deimos authored
      Both the initialize_db script and Alembic need to import all
      DatabaseModel subclasses so that DatabaseModel.metadata has all the
      models attached. Previously this wasn't being done properly, and the
      intialize_db script wasn't creating the scraper_result table since it
      hadn't been imported.
      This commit creates a dedicated module to import all of those classes,
      so that both those locations can simply import * from it instead of
      needing to import all the models individually. This still isn't great
      overall, but it should be less prone to mistakes at least.
  16. 26 Sep, 2018 2 commits
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      Hide exemplary reasons on collapsed comments · b21cdc65
      Deimos authored
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      Change label colors/order again · f3828cac
      Deimos authored
      Solarized's green color is pretty awful, not really attractive for
      Exemplary comments. This switches Exemplary to blue, Joke to green, and
      Offtopic to cyan. It also rearranges the order a bit so that the colors
      in the labeling menu go in a progression that looks right.