Commit d61b8488 authored by Deimos's avatar Deimos

Fix bug with trying to unnest non-webargs errors

When a ValidationError comes up for a reason unrelated to webargs (for
example, if a user tries to set a password that's in the breached list),
this crashes when trying to unnest it, since it doesn't have the extra
level that webargs adds.

This is a bit ugly, but checks to see whether the extra level is there
parent 2e5a2d96
......@@ -28,11 +28,18 @@ from import Group
def errors_from_validationerror(validation_error: ValidationError) -> Sequence[str]:
"""Extract errors from a marshmallow ValidationError into a displayable format."""
# as of webargs 6.0, errors are inside a nested dict, where the first level should
normalized_errors = validation_error.normalized_messages()
# As of webargs 6.0, errors are inside a nested dict, where the first level should
# always be a single-item dict with the key representing the "location" of the data
# (e.g. query, form, etc.) - we don't care about that, so just skip that level
errors_by_location = validation_error.normalized_messages()
errors_by_field = list(errors_by_location.values())[0]
# (e.g. query, form, etc.) - Check if the errors seem to be in that format, and if
# they are, just remove that level since we don't care about it
first_value = list(normalized_errors.values())[0]
if isinstance(first_value, dict):
errors_by_field = first_value
# not a webargs error, so just use the original without any unnesting
errors_by_field = normalized_errors
error_strings = []
for field, errors in errors_by_field.items():
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