Commit 6f7618d1 authored by Deimos's avatar Deimos
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Adjust zero-width joiner check to fix IndexError

There was the potential for an IndexError here, with a string that
started with a zero-width joiner and had at least one more character
parent 70e570b7
......@@ -189,19 +189,18 @@ def _sanitize_characters(original: str) -> str:
# newlines, which are replaced with normal spaces
if char == "\n":
final_characters.append(" ")
elif char == "\u200D":
final_length = len(final_characters)
# only check for the ZWJ if it's between two characters
if final_length <= index < len(original) - 1:
char_before_category = unicodedata.category(
final_characters[final_length - 1]
char_after_category = unicodedata.category(original[index + 1])
# only keep the ZWJ if it's between two symbol characters
if char_before_category.startswith(
) and char_after_category.startswith("S"):
# Keep zero-width joiner only if it's between two symbol characters, so we
# don't break certain emoji variants
if char == "\u200D":
before_category = unicodedata.category(final_characters[-1])
after_category = unicodedata.category(original[index + 1])
except IndexError:
if before_category.startswith("S") and after_category.startswith("S"):
# any other type of character, just keep it
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