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This wiki entry is a place to collect various coding related resources, tips, tricks, lessons, challenges, etc. shared on Tildes.

## Recurring topics

### Programming Challenges

(to add all [challenge.programming]( topics here)

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### Code Quality Tips

An irregularly recurring "Tips" series by @Emerald_Knight on Code Quality.
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[Reflections on past lessons regarding code quality.](
[An informal look at the concept of reduction (alternatively: problem-solving for beginners).](
[Light Analysis of a Recent Code Refactor](
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[Code Quality Tip: Wrapping external libraries.](
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[An Alternative Approach to Configuration Management](
[A Brief Look at Webhook Security](
[Code Quality Tip: Cyclomatic complexity in depth.](
[Conceptualizing Data: Simplifying the way we think about complex data structures.](
[Code Quality Tip: The importance of understanding correctness vs. accuracy.](