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# ~comp
>Topics focused on the more technical side of computers, things of interest to programmers, sysadmins, etc.
## Notable Topics
* [What operating system do you use?](
* [Linux distro of choice?](
* [Post your setup!](
* [What's the most important alias/function in your bashrc?](
* [What do you think every programmer should know to do?](
## Programming Challenges
* [Translate 24-hour time into words](
* [Undo this "Caesar" cipher](
* [Creative FizzBuzz](
* [Implementing bitwise operators](
* [Given a triangle of numbers, find the path from top to bottom with the largest sum](
* [Anagram checking](
* [Markov Chain Text Generator](
* [Construct and traverse a binary tree](
* [Freestyle textual analysis](
* [Let's build some AI](
* [Making our own data format](
* [Two Wizards algorithm challenge](
* [TicTacToeBot](
* [Make a game in 1 hour](
* [Merge an arbitrary number of arrays in sorted order](
* [Reverse Polish Notation Calculator](
* [KnightBot](
* [Compute the shortest path to visit all target spots on a grid](
* [Counting isolated regions](
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