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Formatting: add info about syntax highlighting

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Title: Text Formatting
Modified: August 10, 2018
Modified: September 21, 2018
Summary: A reference for markdown used on Tildes
......@@ -107,7 +107,16 @@ You can also use three backticks: ``` to surround a separate block of code:
Or alternatively, indent the entire block of code by 4 spaces.
Syntax-highlighting is also supported if you specify the language of the code after the initial triple-backtick. For example, to add highlighting to the above example, it would be:
Any language supported by the Pygments library will work by specifying the "short name" from the list available here: [](
You can also create a code block by indenting the entire block of code by 4 spaces instead of using the backtick "fencing", but there is no way to add syntax-highlighting with that method.
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