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Technical goals: add Kate Gregory simplicity talk

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Title: Technical Goals
Slug: technical-goals
Modified: August 13, 2018
Modified: November 8, 2018
Summary: Some of the goals of Tildes from the technical side
......@@ -50,6 +50,10 @@ Especially as an open-source project that wants contributions, it's important to
The quality of Tildes's code is kept up through code review and enforcing strict code style (by using [Black]( and commenting standards, as well as additional tools like [mypy]( to require that all functions use Python's new type-annotation system.
More info:
* [Kate Gregory - Simplicity: Not Just for Beginners](
### The site is the main mobile interface, not an app
Tildes is a website. Your phone already has an app for using it—it's your browser.
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