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Code of Conduct: Add Self-Promotion section

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Title: Tildes Code of Conduct
Slug: code-of-conduct
Modified: April 29, 2018
Modified: July 20, 2019
......@@ -14,6 +14,10 @@ Do not incite or encourage harm against people, including by posting hate speech
Do not post anyone's sensitive personal information (related to either their real world or online identity) with malicious intent.
## Self-promotion
If you have your own site/project/channel/etc. that you'd like to share on Tildes, that's generally fine (in moderation), but it shouldn't be the primary reason that you post on the site. Tildes is a community, not a free advertising platform. Sharing your own content is welcome as long as you're involved in the community, but don't just treat Tildes as a source of an audience.
## Multiple accounts
You may register and use multiple Tildes accounts, but do not:
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