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Generate slugs from filenames instead of titles

Everything's filename already matched the slug I wanted, so there was no
need to be manually-overriding some of them like this when the title
didn't match.
parent 67ea3f39
Title: Announcing Tildes - a non-profit community site driven by its users' interests
Date: May 2, 2018
Slug: announcing-tildes
Summary: Online communities are in a precarious and unhealthy state right now. We can do better.
Title: Tildes is open-source
Date: July 27, 2018
Slug: open-source
Summary: The code behind Tildes is now open-source and available on GitLab.
**If this is the first that you've heard of Tildes, you should start by reading [the announcement blog post]( for general information about the project and its goals.**
Title: Tildes Code of Conduct
Slug: code-of-conduct
Title: Contact
Slug: contact
Summary: List of contact information for Tildes
**To request an invite to the Tildes alpha, email [](** Do not email any of the other addresses below to ask for an invite.
Title: Donate to Tildes
Slug: donate
Summary: Information about donating to Tildes and links to various options for donating
Title: Frequently Asked Questions
Slug: faq
Summary: Information about random aspects of the site
Title: Mechanics (Future)
Slug: mechanics-future
Summary: Information about some future mechanics not present in the alpha
Title: Mechanics
Slug: mechanics
Summary: Description of the basic mechanics on Tildes, and some reasoning behind them
Title: Overall Goals
Slug: overall-goals
Summary: Some of the overall goals of Tildes
Title: Tildes Privacy Policy
Slug: privacy-policy
Title: Technical Goals
Slug: technical-goals
Summary: Some of the goals of Tildes from the technical side
Title: Tildes Terms of Use
Slug: terms-of-use
......@@ -10,6 +10,9 @@ THEME = 'theme'
TIMEZONE = 'America/Edmonton'
# generate slugs from the filenames, not the titles
SLUGIFY_SOURCE = "basename"
# "articles" are blog posts
ARTICLE_SAVE_AS = 'blog/{slug}.html'
ARTICLE_URL = '{slug}'
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