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Text formatting: add <details> + <summary>

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......@@ -209,3 +209,27 @@ Strikethrough text can be created with markdown, but you can also (optionally) s
### Superscript and subscript
You can add superscript and subscript text using the `<sup>` and `<sub>` tags, respectively. For example: `E = mc<sup>2</sup>` or `H<sub>2</sub>O`.
### Expandable sections
You can create an expandable (and collapsible) section of text by placing all the content you want to be expandable inside a `<details>` tag. This will have a default label ("Details" in Firefox), but you can set your own label by including a `<summary>` tag inside, containing the label you want to use. For example:
<summary>Click to view the hidden text</summary>
Here's all the hidden text.
It can have **markdown** in it too.
Which will produce:
<summary>Click to view the hidden text</summary>
<p>Here's all the hidden text.</p>
<p>It can have <strong>markdown</strong> in it too.</p>
The section will be collapsed by default, but if you want it to start out expanded, replace the initial `<details>` with `<details open>`.
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