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Create plugin to set modified based on git history

This creates a new Pelican plugin that will set the modified date on
each article (blog post) and page (docs page) based on the last time
that the source file was modified in git. This makes it so that it's no
longer necessary to remember to update the Modified: line in each file
whenever it's edited.
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Title: Announcing Tildes - a non-profit community site driven by its users' interests
Date: May 2, 2018
Modified: May 31, 2019
Slug: announcing-tildes
Summary: Online communities are in a precarious and unhealthy state right now. We can do better.
Title: Tildes is open-source
Date: July 27, 2018
Modified: February 17, 2019
Slug: open-source
Summary: The code behind Tildes is now open-source and available on GitLab.
Title: Tildes Code of Conduct
Slug: code-of-conduct
Modified: July 20, 2019
Title: Development Setup
Summary: How to initially set up a development version of Tildes
Modified: 2018-07-17
Title: Development
Summary: General info for working on a development version of Tildes
Modified: February 17, 2019
Title: Frequently Asked Questions
Slug: faq
Modified: March 19, 2019
Summary: Information about random aspects of the site
Title: Mechanics (Future)
Slug: mechanics-future
Modified: May 11, 2018
Summary: Information about some future mechanics not present in the alpha
Title: Mechanics
Slug: mechanics
Modified: October 1, 2018
Summary: Description of the basic mechanics on Tildes, and some reasoning behind them
Title: Overall Goals
Slug: overall-goals
Modified: May 11, 2018
Summary: Some of the overall goals of Tildes
Title: Tildes Privacy Policy
Slug: privacy-policy
Modified: May 24, 2018
Title: Technical Goals
Slug: technical-goals
Modified: March 19, 2019
Summary: Some of the goals of Tildes from the technical side
Title: Tildes Terms of Use
Slug: terms-of-use
Modified: May 25, 2019
Title: Text Formatting
Modified: March 6, 2019
Summary: A reference for markdown used on Tildes
Title: Topic Tagging
Modified: November 8, 2018
Summary: Information and guidelines for tagging topics
## Basic info/restrictions
PLUGIN_PATHS = ["plugins"]
PLUGINS = ["pelican_git_modified_plugin"]
AUTHOR = 'Chad Birch (Deimos)'
SITENAME = 'Tildes'
from datetime import datetime
import subprocess
from pelican.signals import content_object_init
def set_modified_date_from_git(content):
"""Set the content object's modified date based on git history."""
# get the date (YYYY-MM-DD) of the last commit that affected this file
git_process =
["git", "log", "-1", "--format=%cd", "--date=format:%Y-%m-%d", content.source_path],
git_output = git_process.stdout.strip()
if git_output:
# git returned a date successfully, get the date from the output
year, month, day = [int(part) for part in git_output.split("-")]
modified_date = datetime(year, month, day)
# git had no output, just use the current date
now =
modified_date = datetime(now.year, now.month,
content.modified = modified_date
content.locale_modified = modified_date.strftime(content.date_format)
def register():
"""Register the method to run at the end of __init__ for each page/article."""
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