Commit 61142682 authored by Christoph Wagner's avatar Christoph Wagner Committed by Deimos

Added sentence on how to use backticks within an inline code area.

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......@@ -98,6 +98,11 @@ Check out my code: `console.log("hello world")`. Isn't it cool?
Which will look like: Check out my code: `console.log("hello world")`. Isn't it cool?
If you want to use the backtick character `` ` `` within an in-line code-section, you need to start and end it with 2 (or more) backticks instead and have a non-backtick character at the start and end:
``Code with a backtick (`) in it.``
You can also use three backticks: ``` to surround a separate block of code:
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