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Tech goals: add Ineffectiveness of Lonely Icons

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......@@ -125,3 +125,7 @@ It's become widespread in web and app design lately to use icons extensively, of
On a PC, the user might need to mouse over a bunch of different icons to figure out what they're supposed to mean. On mobile, this usually isn't even possible and the user just has to try pushing buttons to see what happens. The result is that a lot of users won't even realize that some functionality exists, because they weren't able to puzzle out the meaning of an icon or didn't want to click random buttons to see the result.
On Tildes I'm leaning towards using words to label information and functions. That makes it far easier to look at a page and figure out what it's possible to do.
More info:
* [Matt Wilcox - The ineffectiveness of lonely icons](
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