1. 02 Mar, 2011 1 commit
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      accesslib: add check_authenticity() for CSRF protection · 55241a7f
      chealer authored
      some accesslib deployment
      ticketlib: Mark ticketlib[1] as deprecated again
      ticketlib: Store tickets in session instead of database
      [FIX] ticketlib: granting a ticket destroys previous one
      [FIX] HTML special chars escaping
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      [NEW] Dynamic Contents: many enhancements · b552ee16
      nyloth authored
      	* Now fully support the 'Label' - introduced in DB by nkoth - of a bloc (in listing table and when using the smarty function),
      	* Use smarty pagination and self_query + find.tpl. This also make this feature AJAX-ready (for column sorting, pagination, find and actions),
      	* Change smarty 'rcontent' function to allow no params (neither 'id' nor 'label') that will return a random content not related to a specific bloc,
      	* New smarty compiler 'assign_content' that simplifies the use of dynamic contents in templates (for exemple, {assign_content label='my_label' var='test'} will put the data of the dynamic content in the $test variable, available in the smarty template. This is easier than using smarty capture and is useful to display the dynamic content only if the value match some conditions),
      	* Use one query instead of two in TikiLib::get_actual_content(),
      	* Change dcslib::list_content() to get all data from one query, in order to be able to easily sort on every fields,
      	* Change dcslib::get_random_content() to allow no params, which means random with no specific contentId,
      	* Display the current value of a dynamic content in the list of content blocs,
      	* Remove the 'last versions' column which takes place and is not really useful,
      	* To gain more place, move the 'Description' above the Label (in the Label column) as it is more and more done for table listings in tiki,
      	* Move the cross icon ('Delete' action) to display it as the last action (as nearly everywhere in tiki)
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  13. 12 Oct, 2007 1 commit
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      [MOD] prefs and user prefs: $prefs array deployement in php + some small fixes · 86185302
      nyloth authored
      (Preliminary note : This is a deep modification in tikiwiki's prefs code. Please test first and send feedback if you can)
       * Now use the $prefs array everywhere (in php files also) instead of global vars. This will :
      	- allow to use prefs the same way in smarty and php ($prefs array),
      	- simplify all code parts that modifiy a preference, because when a pref is modified in php's $prefs array, it is also up-to-date in smarty $prefs array (everything is passed by reference now). So, no more need to reassign values in smarty each time,
      	- avoid duplication of values in memory,
      	- reduce risks of errors (e.g. collision in variables names, forget to add one of the "global $prefname", ...)
       * All user prefs are now retrieved in one query at tiki-setup stage (as site prefs) and also in session vars (when sessions are used). This will :
      	- reduce overhead and database queries after the first page
       * User prefs are now overriding $prefs. This will :
      	- simplify the whole usage of $prefs, because only one array is used (no more need, in general, to use tikilib's functions to get user prefs),
      	- set some $prefs['site_*'] (listed in the $user_overrider_prefs array of lib/setup/user_prefs.php) for some specific site prefs that needs to be accessed in php (for example when sending mails) and that could have been overrided with the corresponding user pref
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      [MOD] timezones: rollback of last commit about timezones. Idea is good but... · 42ae55ff
      mose authored
      [MOD] timezones: rollback of last commit about timezones. Idea is good but spreading timestamp manipulation makes erratic border effects and makes impossible to display timezone properly with date functions. Please hold commits for some hours, calendar rolledback code will be committed back, as well as some other parts, as there were some nice fixes anyway
  19. 03 Feb, 2007 1 commit
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      [MOD] dates and timezones : Modify every call to php native date / timezone... · fc42b45c
      nyloth authored
      [MOD] dates and timezones : Modify every call to php native date / timezone functions in order to use GMT timezone instead of the server timezone.
      Timestamps stored in the database should be stored in GMT timezone, because changing the server (or just its timezone settings) should never have an impact on tikiwiki. This is why every date(), strftime() and mktime() calls are replaced by gmdate(), gmstrftime() and gmmktime(). Those functions will use GMT timestamps and not a timestamp that depends on the server TZ environment variable.
      !! Note that everything has not been fully tested yet and that this update lacks of an upgrade path for existing calendars and timezones stored in database with a server timezone.
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      Tiki 1.5 first commit of some new features: · 94ca01e5
      lrargerich authored
      - Trackers
      - Slideshows for wiki pages
      - Improved secutiry and options for login and registration
        challenge response authentication added (!)
        and other new features
      - Of course this all still experimental.
      Merry Christmas :-)
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