Commit f601bac0 authored by chealer's avatar chealer

[REF] Optimize

[REF] Comments
parent 3fa0ec55
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@
{remarksbox type=comment title="{tr}Content waiting for approval{/tr}"}
{remarksbox type=comment title="{tr}Content waiting for approval{/tr}"}{* One ministry using flagged revisions has upgraded this message from a comment to a warning, to attract more attention to it. There is no intermediary level between comment and warning. Chealer 2017-06-01 *}
{tr}You are currently viewing the approved version of the page.{/tr}
{if $revision_approved and $tiki_p_wiki_view_latest eq 'y'}
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@
{elseif $revision_approval and ! $revision_approved and $tiki_p_wiki_view_latest eq 'y'}
{elseif ! $revision_approved and $tiki_p_wiki_view_latest eq 'y'}{* How does this case differ from the last? If this one happens when viewing an unapproved version other than the latest, shouldn't this be stated explicitly? Chealer 2017-06-01 *}
{remarksbox type=comment title="{tr}Content waiting for approval{/tr}"}
{tr}View the {self_link latest=1}latest version{/self_link}.{/tr}
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