Commit 9da46877 authored by lindonb's avatar lindonb

shorter and more consistent button text

parent 08a604e8
......@@ -128,10 +128,10 @@
{if $tiki_p_admin_file_galleries eq 'y' or $user eq $gal_info.user or $gal_info.public eq 'y'}
{if $tiki_p_upload_files eq 'y'}
{button _keepall='y' _icon_name="export" _text="{tr}Upload File{/tr}" href="tiki-upload_file.php" galleryId=$galleryId}
{button _keepall='y' _icon_name="export" _text="{tr}Upload{/tr}" href="tiki-upload_file.php" galleryId=$galleryId}
{if $tiki_p_upload_files eq 'y' and $prefs.feature_draw eq 'y'}
{button _keepall='y' _icon_name="post" _text="{tr}Create Drawing{/tr}" href="tiki-edit_draw.php" galleryId=$galleryId}
{button _keepall='y' _icon_name="post" _text="{tr}Draw{/tr}" href="tiki-edit_draw.php" galleryId=$galleryId}
{if $prefs.feature_file_galleries_batch eq "y" and $tiki_p_batch_upload_file_dir eq 'y'}
{button _keepall='y' _icon_name="file-archive" _text="{tr}Batch{/tr}" href="tiki-batch_upload_files.php" galleryId=$galleryId}
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