Commit 980021dd authored by changi67's avatar changi67

[FIX] Wrong place

parent 12035b0a
......@@ -669,7 +669,6 @@ img/icons/color4.gif -text
img/icons/comment.gif -text
img/icons/config.gif -text
img/icons/config2.gif -text
img/icons/cool.gif -text
img/icons/del.gif -text
img/icons/desc_length.gif -text
img/icons/dispurl.gif -text
......@@ -3751,6 +3750,7 @@ pics/icons/control_pause.png -text
pics/icons/control_play.png -text
pics/icons/control_play_blue.png -text
pics/icons/control_stop.png -text
pics/icons/cool.gif -text
pics/icons/cross.png -text
pics/icons/cross_admin.png -text
pics/icons/cut.png -text
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