Commit 971cd50a authored by xavidp's avatar xavidp

[FIX]Add icon for Image Galleries and Images from Image Galleries in the...

[FIX]Add icon for Image Galleries and Images from Image Galleries in the since_last_visit_new module in jquery mode, since it was missing as shown in community site (image galleries are being used still there, as an example).
parent a847e869
......@@ -1099,6 +1099,7 @@ img/icons/large/stock_quit.png -text
img/icons/large/stock_quit48x48.png -text
img/icons/large/stock_select-color.png -text
img/icons/large/stock_select-color48x48.png -text
img/icons/large/stock_select-color_new.png -text
img/icons/large/surveys48x48.png -text
img/icons/large/tasks.gif -text
img/icons/large/tikicalendar48x48.png -text
......@@ -37,6 +37,10 @@
<img src="img/icons/large/file-manager.png" alt="{tr}File Galleries{/tr}" title="{tr}File Galleries{/tr}">
{elseif $pos eq "files"}
<img src="img/icons/large/file-manager_new.png" alt="{tr}Files{/tr}" title="{tr}Files{/tr}">
{elseif $pos eq "imageGalleries"}
<img src="img/icons/large/stock_select-color.png" alt="{tr}Image Galleries{/tr}" title="{tr}Image Galleries{/tr}">
{elseif $pos eq "images"}
<img src="img/icons/large/stock_select-color_new.png" alt="{tr}Images{/tr}" title="{tr}Images{/tr}">
{elseif $pos eq "poll"}
<img src="img/icons/large/stock_missing-image.png" alt="{tr}Poll{/tr}" title="{tr}Poll{/tr}">
{elseif $pos eq "pages"}
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