Commit 784b7499 authored by chealer's avatar chealer

[FIX] syntax error in feature_version_checks check

parent c3df7954
......@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ Add a value in first check when you create a new admin page. *}
<div class="simplebox adminanchors clearfix" >{include file='tiki-admin-include-anchors.tpl'}</div>
{if $feature_version_checks eq 'y' and $prefs.tiki_needs_upgrade eq 'y'}
{if $prefs.feature_version_checks eq 'y' and $prefs.tiki_needs_upgrade eq 'y'}
<div class="simplebox highlight">{tr}A new version of Tikiwiki, <b>{$tiki_release}</b>, is available. You are currently running <b>{$tiki_version}</b>. Please visit <a href=""></a>.{/tr}</div>
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