Commit 6d1ff2ae authored by Jonny Bradley's avatar Jonny Bradley

[FIX] utf8mb4: Check $db has connected before checking the charset

parent f39a0281
......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ if (file_exists($lockFile)) {
createPage($title, $content);
if (! $db->getOne("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `information_schema`.`character_sets` WHERE `character_set_name` = 'utf8mb4';")) {
if (!empty($db) && ! $db->getOne("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `information_schema`.`character_sets` WHERE `character_set_name` = 'utf8mb4';")) {
die(tr('Your database does not support the utf8mb4 character set required in Tiki19 and above. You need to upgrade your mysql or mariadb installation.'));
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