Commit 5a2712c9 authored by jonnybradley's avatar jonnybradley

[MOD] files-revamp: Move recently the created new lib/setup dir to _custom as...

[MOD] files-revamp: Move recently the created new lib/setup dir to _custom as these files, along with custom themes etc should not be web writable, unlike the files & dirs in storage which are for tiki generated, mostly regeneratable content (thanks Chealer).
Also add a readme.txt - see for more
parent befac0b6
* text=auto !eol
/INSTALL -text
/README -text
_custom/readme.txt -text
/_htaccess -text
/about.php -text
addons/index.php -text
......@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@
......@@ -45,7 +46,6 @@ modules/cache/*
Tiki Custom Files
Part of the planned file and directory revamp, this directory will eventually contain all custom files specific to your Tiki install.
I.E. Custom themes, JavaScript, plugins and configuration files.
Currently any custom PHP code required for your site can now be added to _custom/lib/setup/custom.php.
N.B. this directory and all files within it should NOT be web writable.
Work in progress for Tiki 18, more fundemental changes planned for Tiki 19 in 2018.
See (and contribute to) for more information.
......@@ -772,8 +772,8 @@ if ($prefs['print_pdf_from_url'] != 'none') {
if (file_exists('storage/lib/setup/custom.php')) {
if (file_exists('_custom/lib/setup/custom.php')) {
// any furher $headerlib->add_js() call not using rank = 'external' will be put into rank 'late'
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