Commit 44529711 authored by RobertPlummer's avatar RobertPlummer

[FIX] Get enrty may not exists if user doesn't authenticate

parent c741f858
......@@ -262,8 +262,14 @@ class TikiLdapLib
// todo: only fetch needed attributes
$entry = $this->ldaplink->getEntry($userdn);
//A non-existing user may not return ldaplink->getEntry (found bug on windows server), if not found, user input incorrect username/password
if (method_exists($this->ldaplink, "getEntry")) {
$entry = $this->ldaplink->getEntry($userdn);
} else {
return false;
if ($force_reload || Net_LDAP2::isError($entry)) { // wrong userdn. So we have to search
// prepare Search Filter
$filter = Net_LDAP2_Filter::create($this->options['userattr'], 'equals', $this->options['username']);
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