Commit 28f5657e authored by jonnybradley's avatar jonnybradley

[FIX] objects: Missed from r69345 for new installs (thanks marclaporte)

...For tiki pages tiki_objects.href needs to be long enough for the 160 char page name to be url encoded plus adding tiki-index.php?page= before it. This still may not be enough 100% of the time but gives us extra wiggle room...
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......@@ -478,7 +478,7 @@ CREATE TABLE `tiki_objects` (
`description` text,
`created` int(14) default NULL,
`name` varchar(200) default NULL,
`href` varchar(200) default NULL,
`href` varchar(256) default NULL,
`hits` int(8) default NULL,
`comments_locked` char(1) NOT NULL default 'n',
PRIMARY KEY (`objectId`),
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