Commit 22377b47 authored by sylvieg's avatar sylvieg


parent 439f5c40
......@@ -194,7 +194,7 @@ if (getCookie("fgalKeepOpen")) {
{if $files or ($find ne '')}
{include file='find.tpl' find_show_num_rows = 'y'}
{if $prefs.fgal_quota_show eq 'y' && $gal_info['quota']}
{if $prefs.fgal_quota_show eq 'y' && $gal_info.quota}
<div style="float:right">
{capture name='use'}{math equation="round((100*x)/(1024*1024*y))" x=$gal_info['usedSize'] y=$gal_info['quota']}{/capture}
{quotabar length='100' value='$smarty.capture.use'}
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