Commit 1b9826bc authored by eromneg's avatar eromneg

[MOD]Allow the use of a new parameter (showpubl=>y/n) to show the publishDate...

[MOD]Allow the use of a new parameter (showpubl=>y/n) to show the publishDate - to be used as an alternative to showcreated=>y/n
parent 5fe5ff1f
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
{section name=ix loop=$modArticles}
<a class="linkmodule" href="{$modArticles[ix].articleId|sefurl:article}" title="{$modArticles[ix].created|tiki_short_date}, {tr}by{/tr} {$modArticles[ix].author|escape}">
{$modArticles[ix].title}{if $module_params.showcreated eq 'y'}<span class="date">({$modArticles[ix].created|tiki_short_date})</span>{/if}
{$modArticles[ix].title}{if $module_params.showcreated eq 'y'}<span class="date">({$modArticles[ix].created|tiki_short_date})</span>{/if}{if $module_params.showpubl eq 'y'} <span class="date">({$modArticles[ix].publishDate|tiki_short_date})</span>{/if}
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