Commit 1984e7a2 authored by redflo's avatar redflo

Auth LDAP: added group desctiption attribute and fixed a flaw where user

is created with password in tiki if you use wrong ldap parameters
parent 9514ec85
......@@ -261,6 +261,7 @@ class TikiLdapLib {
// return dn of all groups a user belongs to
public function get_groups() {
if(empty($this->user_attributes)) $this->get_user_attributes();
......@@ -649,8 +649,9 @@ class UsersLib extends TikiLib {
if ($ldap_create_tiki) {
// need to make this better! *********************************************************
//$userinfo = $this->get_ldap_user_info($user,$pass);
$result = $this->add_user($user, $pass, '');
$this->disable_tiki_auth($user); //disable password in tiki - use ldap
// if it worked ok, just log in
if ($result == USER_VALID) {
......@@ -456,6 +456,11 @@
<input type="text" name="auth_ldap_groupattr" id="auth_ldap_groupattr" value="{$prefs.auth_ldap_groupattr|escape}" />
<div class="adminoptionbox">
<div class="adminoptionlabel"><label for="auth_ldap_groupdescattr">{tr}Group description attribute{/tr}:</label>
<input type="text" name="auth_ldap_groupdescattr" id="auth_ldap_groupdescattr" value="{$prefs.auth_ldap_groupdescattr|escape}" />
<div class="adminoptionbox">
<div class="adminoptionlabel"><label for="auth_ldap_groupoc">{tr}Group OC{/tr}:</label>
<input id="auth_ldap_groupoc" type="text" name="auth_ldap_groupoc" value="{$prefs.auth_ldap_groupoc|escape}" />
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