Commit 10832884 authored by xavidp's avatar xavidp

[FIX]Added the missing icon and code to display updated trackers in module...

[FIX]Added the missing icon and code to display updated trackers in module since_last_visit_new in that fancy jquery mode (how come I didn't know during so many years about that jquery mode?). Updated the icon for new tracker items accordingly to distinguish it from the other. Extra pieces of images taken from openclipart (public domain svg's)
parent 6c60b8ec
......@@ -1093,6 +1093,8 @@ img/icons/large/surveys48x48.png -text
img/icons/large/tasks.gif -text
img/icons/large/tikicalendar48x48.png -text
img/icons/large/timesheet48x48.png -text
img/icons/large/trackers_new.png -text
img/icons/large/trackers_updated.png -text
img/icons/large/usagelist.txt -text
img/icons/large/user.png -text
img/icons/large/userfiles.png -text
......@@ -42,7 +42,9 @@
{elseif $pos eq "forums"}
<img src="img/icons/large/stock_index.png" alt="{tr}Forums{/tr}" title="{tr}Forums{/tr}">
{elseif $pos eq "trackers"}
<img src="img/icons/large/gnome-settings-font.png" alt="{tr}Trackers{/tr}" title="{tr}Trackers{/tr}">
<img src="img/icons/large/trackers_new.png" alt="{tr}Trackers{/tr} ({tr}New{/tr})" title="{tr}Trackers{/tr} ({tr}New{/tr})">
{elseif $pos eq "utrackers"}
<img src="img/icons/large/trackers_updated.png" alt="{tr}Trackers{/tr} ({tr}Updated{/tr})" title="{tr}Trackers{/tr} ({tr}Updated{/tr})">
{elseif $pos eq "users"}
<img src="img/icons/large/vcard.png" alt="{tr}Users{/tr}" title="{tr}Users{/tr}">
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