Commit 0e675212 authored by xavidp's avatar xavidp

[MOD]Added the missing profile in the demo section for the 2x2 table of demo...

[MOD]Added the missing profile in the demo section for the 2x2 table of demo profiles: 'Voting System'.
parent a9d37bce
......@@ -1058,6 +1058,7 @@ img/icons/large/profile_small_org_web_presence48x48.png -text
img/icons/large/profile_timesheet48x48.png -text
img/icons/large/profile_together48x48.png -text
img/icons/large/profile_tracker_as_calendar48x48.png -text
img/icons/large/profile_voting_system48x48.png -text
img/icons/large/profiles.png -text
img/icons/large/profiles48x48.png -text
img/icons/large/quizzes48x48.png -text
......@@ -56,6 +56,17 @@
<td style="width:48%">
<div class="adminWizardIconright"><img src="img/icons/large/profile_voting_system48x48.png" alt="{tr}Voting System{/tr}" /></div>
<b>{tr}Voting System{/tr}</b> (<a href="tiki-admin.php?profile=Voting_System&categories%5B%5D=12.x&" target="_blank">{tr}apply profile now{/tr}</a>)
{tr}This profile sets up a Voting system in which only members of a group will be able to vote. It creates a tracker, 2 groups of users, one user in each group and a custom wiki page as interface to vote{/tr}.
<li>{tr}Group homepage set for the voting group{/tr}</li>
<li>{tr}Only one vote per member is allowed{/tr}</li>
<li>{tr}Results shown in real time (Plugin TrackerStat){/tr}</li>
<li>{tr}Other candidates can be voted beyond the proposed{/tr}</li>
<br/><em>{tr}See also{/tr} <a href="" target="_blank">{tr}E-democracy documentation page{/tr}</a> {tr}in{/tr}</a></em>
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