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      [FIX]Fix size of some icons and buttons in mobile mode for calendars so that... · fc32e1b7
      xavidp authored
      [FIX]Fix size of some icons and buttons in mobile mode for calendars so that human fingers can tap on them without zooming in. Changes applied to the standard tpl since they do not seem to conflict too much with the equivalent tpl in trunk (I'll resolve by hand the main conflict in one tpl in trunk after this commit).
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      [FIX] Placement of events on weekmode calendar views was off; text and... · fa402262
      lindonb authored
      [FIX] Placement of events on weekmode calendar views was off; text and background color for color-coded calendars weren't consistently used. Other small fixes. Also, changes to bring back day focus in the various views - to be followed by related commits to template and css files.
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      [ENH] Calendar : allow to selected the days that are displayed in the calendar. · 4c4e3add
      sept_7 authored
      There is a global pref in the tiki-admin_calendars.php page that set the
      general default value.
      And there is a value by calendar, in the admin calendar page.
      When you select several calendars, we use the union of all displayed days in
      the selected calendars.
      [FIX] Calendar : remove the choice to start the week on Saturday since this was
      not working in the code and not the goal of this work, if someone wants to
      correct this, please do...
      Note : It should be made more obvious to the translator wwhat to do with the
      string :
       "First day of week: Sunday (its ID is 0) - translators you need to localize
      this string!"
      since it is translated 8 times but only correctly for 3 languages : ca,de,fr
      The 5 other just translated the string instead of localizing it ! :(
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      no code changes - put <!-- START of {$smarty.template} --> and <!-- END of... · e941e88d
      luciash authored
      no code changes - put <!-- START of {$smarty.template} --> and <!-- END of {$smarty.template} --> comments at the start and end of every tpl *except for mail templates* (i'm sorry for the long list of files to svn up)
      this will allow better debugging of the final rendered documents for developers and theme creators (in the rendered source code comment it shows the tpl filename and place where the included template starts and ends and also distinguishes if it's default or custom theme tpl file)
      if anybody feels they shouldn't be rendered in the source or that it could slow down the overall tiki performance significantly they can be easily removed by script each time the release tarballs will be prepared
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      [MOD] calendars: change sticky popups to behave more like other well-known web... · d75fff06
      nyloth authored
      [MOD] calendars: change sticky popups to behave more like other well-known web calendars: now the user has to click on an event (title or background) to open the popup. The popup is closed through the 'Close' icon inside the popup or by clicking somewhere else on the calendar.
        + add some quick action icons (Edit, Delete, View) inside sticky popups
        + remove obvious 'Events' title on day mode
        + hide 'export' button if not enough permissions (WYSIWYCA)
        + change '+' tooltip into 'Add Event'
        + invert 'configlinks' and 'navbar' divs since navbar is generally used for buttons
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      [NEW][MOD] calendars: revamping of calendars + new features · a04490d1
      nyloth authored
      * New look of calendars in every views, especially in week view which is now displayed with hours details. Events on multiple days are also better displayed. In week view, when there is more than 3 events, a special zone will be displayed and the overbox will contain all details,
      * New recurrence feature to have the same event each week/month/year between two dates or for X occurences. An event from an occurence can be modified later. When modifying an event from a recurrence, TikiWiki will ask the user if he wants to change only the current event, all the events of the recurence, or events of the recurence which were not already modified,
      * New iCal export feature,
      * New option to choose the calendars to display by default. Also keep in database the user last calendar choices in order to keep use the same filter when he comes back,
      * New "standard colors" when creating a calendar to ease the choice of calendar colors