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      [MOD] Help: remove BBHI and put small standard help icons in search and in... · 9327643c
      nyloth authored
      [MOD] Help: remove BBHI and put small standard help icons in search and in quicktags toolbar instead. Those little icons opens the right help panel, which now uses the full height of the window. A 'Close' button has also been added to the top right corner of the help panel. Layout.css and all themes that does not use layout.css yet have been updated.
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      no code changes - put <!-- START of {$smarty.template} --> and <!-- END of... · e941e88d
      luciash authored
      no code changes - put <!-- START of {$smarty.template} --> and <!-- END of {$smarty.template} --> comments at the start and end of every tpl *except for mail templates* (i'm sorry for the long list of files to svn up)
      this will allow better debugging of the final rendered documents for developers and theme creators (in the rendered source code comment it shows the tpl filename and place where the included template starts and ends and also distinguishes if it's default or custom theme tpl file)
      if anybody feels they shouldn't be rendered in the source or that it could slow down the overall tiki performance significantly they can be easily removed by script each time the release tarballs will be prepared
  18. 20 Mar, 2009 1 commit
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      [MOD] tiki.tpl: little but major change for 3.0 where the main tiki template... · 6e89b158
      luciash authored
      [MOD] tiki.tpl: little but major change for 3.0 where the main tiki template is top parent html wrapper and includes its subtemplates more semantic way instead of gluing cutted header and footer to it. It allows better modularity and overview for developers where opened tags are closed and how the code should be indented. Will be announced to themers at the time of release.
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      [MOD] tiki-setup: reorganize and divide tiki-setup in multiple smaller pieces · 437b6fa7
      nyloth authored
      Tiki-setup.php is now requiring code only when needed in files placed in lib/setup (as done before with lib/setup/prefs.php). This is mainly done to have an easier to understand what is done in tiki-setup and to group parts of code that are related (instead of mixing everything). This should also reduce a bit the overhead, since files in lib/setup are mostly required if the features using them are activated.
      This commit also includes some tiny changes :
        * change byref_set_value() to use simple_set_value(), because both use refs now,
        * auto-detect prefs that needs to be serialized/unserialized based on default values (should avoid missing prefs and should be more transparent for developpers), because it's done at another level (in tikilib and in lib/setup/prefs) => so, don't use serialized values in lib/setup/prefs.php
        * small typo in headerlib (matatags -> metatags)
        * remove some optional php closing tags to reduce risks (e.g. headers sent too early due to carriage return after the closing tag)
        * remove some unuseful smarty assignations and calls to get_preference()
        * don't use $prefs. prefix for 'title' (for the moment it's also assigned as $title)
        * assign headerlib in lib/headerlib.php, as it's done for others libs
  23. 04 Oct, 2007 1 commit
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      [ENH] prefs: Manage preferences in an array stored in session · ae4cb014
      nyloth authored
      The impact is :
        * accelerate each page load when using sessions (prefs are not set again and again + no need to ask again for prefs in database)
        * reduce memory used by tikiwiki (the prefs array is assigned to smarty as a reference and not a copy)
        * get rid of two useless "foreach" on prefs (default values are directly defined in prefs array and are overrided by values from database)
        * reduce the risk of accidentally overrided var in smarty
      Be warned that :
        * now, preferences need to be called through the $prefs smarty variable (e.g. $prefs.feature_wiki)
        * prefs are not anymore in tiki-setup.php, but in a specific file in lib/setup/prefs.php (this is the first commit of tiki-setup.php cleaning).
  24. 29 Aug, 2007 1 commit
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      [ENH] Use File Galleries for images inclusion in FCKEditor and normal page editor · d9bd1ac3
      sept_7 authored
      Add a feature to allow the image selection by naviguating in the File Galleries,
      both for the normal non WYSIWYG editor and FCKEditor.
      You select the new feature in the admin page :
        "Use File Galleries for images inclusion"
      Warning : The permission on the image(s) must be correct or users wont be able
      to see the image(s).
      There is a problem when generating PDF file from the page as
      tiki-export_pdf.php is not using the users credentials when accessing the
      elements of the page :(