Commit f514d571 authored by chibaguy's avatar chibaguy

[FIX] Change Tiki legacy class "breadcrumbs" to Bootstrap "breadcrumb" and add...

[FIX] Change Tiki legacy class "breadcrumbs" to Bootstrap "breadcrumb" and add variables to define legacy values (font style, size and display type).
parent d9eb2898
......@@ -1860,9 +1860,10 @@ span.posthead {
.postbody-title .panel-title {
font-size: 1.4em;
.breadcrumbs {
.breadcrumb {
font-size: 90%;
font-style: italic;
display: inline-block;
small.description {
display: block;
......@@ -48,9 +48,10 @@ span.posthead {
// padding-bottom: 30px;
.breadcrumbs {
font-size: 90%;
font-style: italic;
.breadcrumb {
font-size: @breadcrumb-font-size;
font-style: @breadcrumb-font-style;
display: @breadcrumb-display;
small.description {
// $Id$
// Override specific default Bootstrap styles
// Override or add to specific default Bootstrap styles
.tiki .page-header {
border-bottom: none;
margin: auto;
// $Id$
// Values are specified here to be used in the tiki_base.less imported files, etc.
@cssmenu_horiz_li_hover_bg : transparent;
@cssmenu_ul_border: @dropdown-border;
@cssmenu_ul_li_a_bg : @dropdown-bg;
@cssmenu_ul_li_a_color : @dropdown-link-color;
@cssmenu_ul_li_hover_a_color : @dropdown-link-hover-color;
@cssmenu_ul_li_hover_a_bg : @dropdown-link-hover-bg;
@topbar_bg: @navbar-default-bg;
@topbar_color : @navbar-default-color;
@topbar_link_color: @navbar-default-link-color;
@topbar_link_padding_top : @navbar-padding-vertical;
@topbar_link_padding_bottom : @navbar-padding-vertical;
@topbar_link_hover_color : @navbar-default-link-hover-color;
// Values are specified here to be used in the files imported by tiki_base.less and theme style sheets.
// Add Tiki legacy breadcrumb styles as variables.
@breadcrumb-font-style: italic;
@breadcrumb-font-size: 90%;
@breadcrumb-display: inline-block;
// These rules are to map Bootstrap variables to superfish menus and topbar div styling.
@cssmenu_horiz_li_hover_bg: transparent;
@cssmenu_ul_border: @dropdown-border;
@cssmenu_ul_li_a_bg: @dropdown-bg;
@cssmenu_ul_li_a_color: @dropdown-link-color;
@cssmenu_ul_li_hover_a_color: @dropdown-link-hover-color;
@cssmenu_ul_li_hover_a_bg: @dropdown-link-hover-bg;
@topbar_bg: @navbar-default-bg;
@topbar_color: @navbar-default-color;
@topbar_link_color: @navbar-default-link-color;
@topbar_link_padding_top: @navbar-padding-vertical;
@topbar_link_padding_bottom: @navbar-padding-vertical;
@topbar_link_hover_color: @navbar-default-link-hover-color;
// These can be used in div class="row" or others that don't have a bottom margin but need one.
.margin-bottom-xs {margin-bottom: ceil(@line-height-computed / 4);}
......@@ -20,6 +26,7 @@
.margin-bottom-md {margin-bottom: @line-height-computed;}
.margin-bottom-lg {margin-bottom: ceil(@line-height-computed * 2);}
// Map Bootstrap variables to Chosen selectors
@chosen-background: @input-bg;
@chosen-border: 1px solid @input-border;
@chosen-border-radius: @input-border-radius;
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