Commit d66aa67c authored by chealer's avatar chealer

[REF] FIXME: Fixed height buttons

parent bf5a1ab4
......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@
{assign var=class value="admbox basic btn btn-primary"}
{* FIXME: Buttons are forced to be squares, not fluid. Labels which exceed 2 lines will be cut. *}
<a href="tiki-admin.php?page={$page}" alt="{$info.title} {$info.description}" class="{$class} tips bottom slow" title="{$info.title|escape}{if $info.disabled} ({tr}Disabled{/tr}){/if}|{$info.description}">
{icon name="admin_$page"}
<span class="title">{$info.title|escape}</span>
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