Commit c78b0b15 authored by gillesm's avatar gillesm

Real name not displayed in user_information is empty

parent 39297292
......@@ -27,7 +27,9 @@
<tr><td class="form">{tr}Country{/tr}:</td><td><img alt="flag" src="img/flags/{$country}.gif" /> {tr}{$country}{/tr}</td></tr>
{if $change_theme ne 'n'}<tr><td class="form">{tr}Theme{/tr}:</td><td>{$user_style}</td></tr>{/if}
{if $change_language eq 'y'}<tr><td class="form">{tr}Language{/tr}:</td><td>{$user_language}</td></tr>{/if}
{if $realName }
<tr><td class="form">{tr}Real Name{/tr}:</td><td>{$realName}</td></tr>
{if $gender neq 'Hidden' and $gender}
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