Commit c12020fc authored by ohertel's avatar ohertel

added missing {tr}

parent d87f86cb
{* $Header: /cvsroot/tikiwiki/tiki/templates/tiki-listpages.tpl,v 1.31 2005-03-12 16:50:49 mose Exp $ *}
{* $Header: /cvsroot/tikiwiki/tiki/templates/tiki-listpages.tpl,v 1.32 2005-03-13 11:17:24 ohertel Exp $ *}
<h1><a href="tiki-listpages.php" class="pagetitle">{tr}Pages{/tr}</a></h1>
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@
<tr><td colspan="2"><form method="post" action="tiki-listpages.php">
<select name="max_records" onchange="this.form.submit();">
<option value="10" {if $maxRecords eq 10}selected {/if}>10</option>
<option value="20" {if $maxRecords eq 20}selected {/if}>20</option>
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ Show
<option value="1000" {if $maxRecords eq 500}selected {/if}>1000</option>
per page
{tr}per page{/tr}
<input type="hidden" name="find" value="{$find|escape}" /></form>
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