Commit b6aa403b authored by chealer's avatar chealer

[REF] remove presumably forgotten comments from r36090

parent 42c50d70
......@@ -329,10 +329,6 @@ if (!isset($tikidomain)) { $tikidomain = ''; }
$smarty = new Smarty_Tiki($tikidomain);
$smarty->loadFilter('pre', 'tr');
$smarty->loadFilter('pre', 'jq');
//$smarty->auto_literal = false;
//$smarty->debugging = true;
//$smarty->registerFilter('pre', 'jq');
//$smarty->registerFilter('pre', 'tr');
$smarty->registerResource('tplwiki', array('smarty_resource_tplwiki_source', 'smarty_resource_tplwiki_timestamp', 'smarty_resource_tplwiki_secure', 'smarty_resource_tplwiki_trusted'));
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