Commit b22a9fc2 authored by gezzzan's avatar gezzzan

[FIX] remove unnecessary classes and use same text as other places to reduce translation needs

parent f1926d02
......@@ -115,20 +115,20 @@
<div class="input-group col-sm-10">
<select name="fgal_actions" class="form-control">
<option value="" selected="selected">
{tr}Select action to perform with checked files or galleries...{/tr}
{tr}Select action to perform with checked...{/tr}
{if $tiki_p_assign_perm_file_gallery eq 'y'}
<option value="permsel_x" class="btn btn-link">
<option value="permsel_x">
{tr}Assign permissions to file galleries{/tr}
{if $tiki_p_admin_file_galleries eq 'y' or $tiki_p_remove_files eq 'y'}
<option value="delsel_x" class="btn btn-link">
<option value="delsel_x">
{if $prefs.fgal_display_zip_option eq 'y'}
<option value="zipsel_x" class="btn btn-link">
<option value="zipsel_x">
{tr}Download zip version{/tr}
......@@ -137,15 +137,15 @@
<input type="hidden" name="offset" value="{$offset}">
{if $tiki_p_admin_file_galleries eq 'y' or $tiki_p_remove_files eq 'y'}
<option value="movesel_x" class="btn btn-link">
<option value="movesel_x">
<option value="refresh_metadata_x" class="btn btn-link">
<option value="refresh_metadata_x">
{tr}Refresh metadata{/tr}
{if $tiki_p_admin_file_galleries eq 'y'}
<option value="defaultsel_x" class="btn btn-link">
<option value="defaultsel_x">
{tr}Reset to default list view settings{/tr}
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