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added more comments.

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# - Generates a profile of all tiki preferences that differ from the default values
# Written by Dennis Heltzel - 8/3/03
# This script can generate SQL to make a default tiki install have the same preferences as an existing database
# It uses dump_prefs.sql to generate a list of all prefs in the specified database, then compares it to the default values
# in default-inserts.sql and filters the differences into a profile.sql file.
# Depending on how your database is setup, you may need to alter the mysql command parameters.
if [ -z "$1" ]
......@@ -13,5 +17,5 @@ DATABASE=$1
mysql -s -u root -p $DATABASE <dump_prefs.sql |sort >$DUMP_FILE
mysql -s -p $DATABASE <dump_prefs.sql |sort >$DUMP_FILE
diff default-inserts.sql $DUMP_FILE|grep ">"|sed -e "s/> INSERT IGNORE/REPLACE/" >$PROFILE_FILE
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