Commit 8831effa authored by chibaguy's avatar chibaguy

[FIX] Adjust padding of list item so characters aren't cut off. Thanks to gezza for reporting.

parent de4eb1e5
......@@ -225,7 +225,7 @@ if (jqueryTiki.no_cookie) {
{if $module_params.show_forgot eq 'y' or $module_params.show_register eq 'y'}
<div {if $mode eq 'header'}class="text-right" style="display:inline;"{/if}>
<div><ul {if $mode eq 'popup'}class="list-unstyled"{/if}>
<div><ul {if $mode eq 'popup'}class="list-unstyled nav"{/if}>
{if $module_params.show_forgot eq 'y' && $prefs.forgotPass eq 'y'}
<li class="pass"><a href="tiki-remind_password.php" title="{tr}Click here if you've forgotten your password{/tr}">{tr}I forgot my password{/tr}</a></li>
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