Commit 785b496a authored by nkoth's avatar nkoth

[FIX] Module ID having trailing space making it unable to reference when called without position

parent 9af9b578
{* $Id$ *}
{* Module layout with controls *}
{if !isset($module_position)}{assign var=module_position value=' '}{/if}
{if !isset($module_ord)}{assign var=module_ord value=' '}{/if}
{if !isset($module_position)}{assign var=module_position value=''}{/if}
{if !isset($module_ord)}{assign var=module_ord value=''}{/if}
{capture name=name}{$module_name|replace:"+":"_"|cat:$module_position|cat:$module_ord|escape}{/capture}
{if !empty($module_params.topclass)}<div class="{$module_params.topclass}">{/if}
{if $module_nobox neq 'y'}
......@@ -87,4 +87,4 @@
{if !empty($module_params.topclass)}</div>{/if}
\ No newline at end of file
{if !empty($module_params.topclass)}</div>{/if}
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