Commit 62971f9a authored by Jonny Bradley's avatar Jonny Bradley

[FIX] menus: {ldelim} & {rdelim} seems to have stopped working when inside a...

[FIX] menus: {ldelim} & {rdelim} seems to have stopped working when inside a function parameter (presumably due to a Smarty update?), so move that into a captured string. Thanks Wolfgang.
parent 615e0448
......@@ -311,7 +311,8 @@
<td colspan="3">
{autocomplete element="#menu_url" type='pagename' options="select:function(event,ui){ldelim}ui.item.value='(('+ui.item.value+'))';{rdelim}"}
{capture name='options'}select:function(event,ui){ldelim}ui.item.value='(('+ui.item.value+'))';{rdelim}{/capture}
{autocomplete element="#menu_url" type='pagename' options=$smarty.capture.options}
<input id="menu_url" type="text" name="url" value="{$url|escape}" size="34">
<br><em>{tr}For wiki page, use ((PageName)).{/tr}</em>
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