Commit 5b55350d authored by sampaioprimo's avatar sampaioprimo

fix localized string

parent ef06ec2c
......@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@
{if $forum_mode neq 'y' or $prefs.forum_thread_user_settings eq 'y'}
{if $comments_cant > 0 and $section eq 'blogs'}
{* displaying just for blogs only because I'm not sure if this is useful for other sections *}
{capture name=comments_cant_title}{if $comments_cant == 1}{tr}{$comments_cant} comment{/tr}{else}{tr}{$comments_cant} comments{/tr}{/if}{/capture}
{capture name=comments_cant_title}{if $comments_cant == 1}{tr 0=$comments_cant}%0 comment{/tr}{else}{tr 0=$comments_cant}%0 comments{/tr}{/if}{/capture}
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