Commit 4a2e12a2 authored by amnabilal's avatar amnabilal

[FIX] Form control was missing, causing text field expanding out of column.

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{tikimodule error=$module_params.error title=$tpl_module_title name=$ flip=$module_params.flip decorations=$module_params.decorations nobox=$module_params.nobox notitle=$module_params.notitle}
<form class="mod_quick_search search-box" method="get" action="tiki-searchindex.php">
<label>{tr}Search Terms{/tr} <input type="text" name="filter~content" value="{$qs_prefill.content|escape}"/></label>
<label>{tr}Search Terms{/tr} <input type="text" name="filter~content" value="{$qs_prefill.content|escape}" class="form-control"/></label>
{if $qs_types}
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