Commit 400c13fa authored by mose's avatar mose

removed unused var

parent b7a819e2
......@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ class CcLib extends UsersLib {
$query.= $this->convert_sortmode($sort_mode);
$query_cant = "select count(*) from `cc_ledger` as ccl where ccl.`acct_id`=?";
$bindvars[] = $reg;
$result = $this->query($query.$order,$bindvars,$max,$offset);
$result = $this->query($query,$bindvars,$max,$offset);
$cant = $this->getOne($query_cant,$bindvars);
} else {
$query = 'select cc.*,count(*) as population from `cc_cc` as cc left join `cc_ledger` as ccl on cc.`id`=ccl.`cc_id`';
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