Commit 3c4c3399 authored by ohertel's avatar ohertel

fixed lots of missing german translations and translation tags in general

parent 16443a6e
......@@ -369,7 +369,7 @@
&nbsp;<a href="tiki-admin_html_pages.php" class="linkmenu">{tr}HTML pages{/tr}</a><br/>
{if $tiki_p_admin_shoutbox eq 'y'}
&nbsp;<a href="tiki-shoutbox.php" class="linkmenu">{tr}Shoutbox{/tr}</a><br/>
&nbsp;<a href="tiki-shoutbox.php" class="linkmenu">{tr}ShoutBox{/tr}</a><br/>
{if $tiki_p_view_referer_stats eq 'y'}
&nbsp;<a href="tiki-referer_stats.php" class="linkmenu">{tr}Referer stats{/tr}</a><br/>
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