Commit 2c4ac5b9 authored by skinut's avatar skinut

Removed unintended code changes introduced in 48721

parent 6bbf86f9
......@@ -2,12 +2,11 @@
{if empty($sort_arg)}
{assign var='sort_arg' value='sort_mode'}
<table class="table table-bordered">
<table class="normal">
{if $gal_info.show_checked ne 'n' and ($tiki_p_admin_file_galleries eq 'y' or $tiki_p_upload_files eq 'y')}
{assign var=nbCols value=$nbCols+1}
<th class="checkbox-cell">
<th class="checkbox">
{select_all checkbox_names='file[],subgal[]'}
......@@ -262,7 +261,7 @@
<tr class="{cycle}">
{if $gal_info.show_checked neq 'n' and ($tiki_p_admin_file_galleries eq 'y' or $tiki_p_upload_files eq 'y')}
<td class="checkbox-cell">
<td class="checkbox">
{if $files[changes].isgal eq 1}
{assign var='checkname' value='subgal'}
......@@ -349,7 +348,7 @@
{assign var=propval value="<a class='fgalname' $link>$propval</a>"}
{if $propname eq 'name' and $gal_info.show_name eq 'n' and $gal_info.show_description neq 'n'}
{if $propname eq 'name' and $gal_info.show_name eq 'n' and $gal_info.show_description neq 'n'}
{if $gal_info.max_desc gt 0}
{assign var=desc value=$files[changes].description|truncate:$gal_info.max_desc:"...":false|nl2br}
......@@ -484,7 +483,6 @@
{if $prefs.feature_jquery_tooltips eq 'y'}
{jq}if (jqueryTiki.tooltips) { $('a.fgalbacklink').cluetip({showTitle:false, sticky:true}); }{/jq}
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