Commit 13197cd6 authored by chealer's avatar chealer

display_error(): avoid uselessly including wikilib

parent 438752e7
......@@ -214,9 +214,8 @@ class TikiAccessLib extends TikiLib
function display_error($page, $errortitle="", $errortype="", $enableRedirect = true, $message='') {
global $smarty, $wikilib, $prefs, $tikiroot, $userlib, $user;
global $smarty, $prefs, $tikiroot, $userlib, $user;
require_once ('tiki-setup.php');
// Don't redirect when calls are made for web services
if ( $enableRedirect && $prefs['feature_redirect_on_error'] == 'y' && ! $this->is_machine_request()
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