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    Prototype almost all functions, deprecate non-prototype · eb2042c2
    Samuel Newbold authored
       * FIGNORE ignore patterns now start to exempt more-specific requested
         patterns: for example, if a .* is an ignore pattern @.* will still
         return all files beginning with a period. If *~ is an ignore pattern,
         then @*c~ will return all files ending with c~, but if *c~ is an ignore
         pattern, then @*~ will return all files ending with ~ that don't end
         with c~.
       * .binary is necessary to add binaries to the executable map/hash table
       * .error to write to stderror
       * .rm_executable to remove something from the hash table rather than
         defining a function without a body
       * .test_in like the "in" test in awk
       * .which_path has special handling for ./ and ../ at the beginning of the
         executable name
       * Polish Arithmetic, including a - function for subtraction and a
         / function for division
       * Numerical variables (while they last) don't ignore trailing
         non-numerical characters (e.g. $1a is different from $1)
       * More exceptions can be thrown in parallel
       * And, of course, it isn't a significant commit if there isn't a tweak
         to the internals of if-else handling. This time it was handling
         if-else calls within the condition, (specifically in an autofunction
         implicitly called by a condition).
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