Coala Unity Package Base

Coala Unity Package Base

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Use the COALA package to create in-app maps with terrain, POIs, streets, buildings, water and real-world conditions like weather, moon phases or timezones.

COALA (Context-Aware Location Assessment) is a one-stop-shop for any kind of real-world-data (geolocation, time, weather, moon phases, etc. up to specialized golf sports data). Use COALA to create real-world AR games, meaningful AR applications or smarter apps.

Use the COALA package to create in-app maps with streets, buildings, rivers, etc. Get building information, information about restaurants & supermarkets. Create your own static or dynamic POIs, pitch and match location, weather, moon phases and more. Define terrains - on a grid basis. Access real-world weather conditions and visualize them with particle effects. This plugin also provides for GPS mapping and other tools. Create a real-world product with all the tech in place and responsible use of data rates.

Please note: This package is free, but requires a COALA account. After registration and creation of a project, you will be provided with an API key. Implementing that in your project allows you to draw real-world data. Once your project exceeds a certain request threshold, COALA will charge a fee per request.


Before you can start using COALA in your project, there are a couple of steps you have to do.

Known problems:

Some versions of Unity's Web Requests (in 2019 everything below 2019.4.21) have a problem with iOS 14.2+. To fix this, it is necessary to change something in the (you can do that in Xcode before building) The delegateQueue should be nil. image__1_

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